Care & Nursing Homes

Service Package

Running a care home presents plenty of challenges, some of which it is wise to outsource to a friendly and cost effective specialist.  

With all our services, excellent work is only half the story.  In the event of an inspection, you will need to be able to demonstrate that your care home is compliant; it won’t be enough for you to know that it is.  We provide all the required documentation, including before and after photographs and post clean and maintenance reports so you can be sure that your service users are safe and you are protected from any liability for negligence.  We will keep copies of all your compliance reports on our web portal so you can always view or print them.

Our bespoke service packages can include:

Our service helps you to maintain a healthy environment for your employees, clients and community.

The Vector team is comprised of highly trained specialists who concentrate solely on customising services and programs to specific customer needs and performance goals. Backing our specialists is a team of highly trained technicians who can execute the turn-key service solution.