Vector Live

Vector offers all of its clients a cloud based electronic document storage database, which is 100% secure and being cloud based your data is accessible from any smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop as long as you have an internet connection.

Best of all, the database is supplied free of charge to all our clients!

From the outset Vector has thought through the best possible solutions for its clients, with storage space at a premium within offices and accessibility of information becoming more important as we move deeper into the digital age. Vector has the solution with Vector Live.

We also understand that not all clients whish to have their documents stored electronically, some clients are made to access their online database regularly in order to see what hazards or risk items have been identified by their current contractor.

We have developed a unique mangement system which allows us to store documents in hard copy format as well as electronic, this flexability gives clients freedom to choose the best option for them.

It’s so simple to setup, easily accessible and flexible, we believe clients will not need any other database. Vector can also see the benefits of its use for storing all manner of information, from fire, asbestos, electrical and mechanical documents. The electronic logbooks will be updated by Vector administration staff and audited regularly by your dedicated Account Manager.

So if you have an impending audit, no need to worry, Vector along with the client’s input have all bases covered for full compliance.